Arts Council Westminster, London

City of Westminster Arts Council supports arts activities for the local people in Westminster, London, UK. We provide help and advice on how to oragnise and run arts projects with community groups, voluntary organisations, and residents. Over the years we have funded over sixty arts events for the local community. We produce a bi-monthly newsletter - Arts in Westminster - with details of local arts events, and run special projects such as the Annual Open Exhibition for Westminster based artists. We also produce information for people who are setting up arts projects for the first time and offer funding advice.

Starting an Art Project in Westminster

Detailed guidelines for managers and staff in long-term care settings for older people who would like to organise arts projects. Produced in conjunction with Westminster Social and Community Services and the National Association for Providers of Activities. Includes advice on planning your project, tips for choosing artists, evaluating, holding meetings and creating a project which suits your clients needs. Email us with your name, address and organisation/profession and we will send you a copy (free to Westminster orgs and residents)

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